Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Improved Visualization: Comparing Queries

Recently, I began working on improved analytical mechanisms for coin hoards in Numishare.  These have not yet been completed (and so I will post about them later), but I put hoard work on hold for a few days to implement improved analyses for coin and coin type collections.  The updates can be seen in the Visualize page in OCRE.

The new features allow for selection of different graph types, numeric results in percentage of total or total count, custom queries (in addition to facets), and comparisons with other queries.

These visualization parameters are stored in URL parameters RESTfully, so it is possible to bookmark and share the charts that you generate with others.

Documentation: http://wiki.numismatics.org/numishare:visualize


Percentage of a selection of denominations issued by the emperors ranging from Augustus to Antoninus Pius in OCRE. Hadrian issued nearly 60% of all cistophori; Claudius issued about 40% of all didrachms and Nero issued nearly half (http://bit.ly/11xQMvH:

Comparison of Augustan coins which reference the Parthian settlement with Augustan references to Actium (http://bit.ly/TLJPRh):