Tuesday, March 11, 2014

ANS at the Nomisma/ECFN Meeting

I'm heading to Basel shortly to discuss the latest ANS project (in collaboration with the British Museum), Roman Republican Coinage Online. This is a coin type corpus derived from Michael Crawford's RRC and delivered through Numishare, so it will function like Online Coins of the Roman Empire. There will be a variety of interface enhancements. Most notably, I have migrated Numishare to use Bootstrap 3, so RRC Online and future projects will work out of the box on mobile devices (and, generally, look prettier). Mantis, CHRR, and OCRE will eventually be migrated to Bootstrap.

I'll be talking a bit about last summer's updates to Nomisma, including the SPARQL endpoint, and discuss how people can contribute numismatic data to the endpoint for use in OCRE, RRC Online and other such projects.

Here's my draft presentation: