Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nomisma.org launches Atom feed

Last week I began development on an Atom feed for the numismatic concepts described on nomisma.org. The feed will be updated nightly with the latest changes to the concepts, so you can be sure to keep abreast of new mints, denominations, hoards, etc.! Like the Atom and KML services on MANTIS, the feed is derived from Solr search results, and is thus queryable with the Lucene syntax. Most importantly, this feed will form the basis for numismatic controlled vocabulary in the backend of Numishare and will ultimately facilitate internationalization of coin collections that use the software by indexing coins based on unique identifiers for typological attributes (e.g., denomination, material) that are independent of the language in which the institution's collection is described.

There is a limited number of fields, so I will list them below.

id: unique identifier of the record
typeof: category of record. values currently include-- hoard, typology_entry, mint, skos:Concept, authority, romanemperor, collection, material, numismaticTerm, term, and denomination
prefLabel: preferred label of record
altLabel: alternate label of record, likely to include other languages
definition: small blurb describing the object
pos: GML-compliant geographic coordinates
burial_start: integer referring to terminus post quem (of a hoard)
burial_end: integer referring to terminus ante quem (of a hoard)
fulltext: text anywhere in record

http://nomisma.org/feed/?q=typeof:mint+attica - Mints in Attica
http://nomisma.org/feed/?q=burial_start:\-240 - terminus post quem of 240 B.C.

The feed contains links to the next and last pages so that it is possible to easily page through it. The page number is appended after feed/ in the URL, like so:


Many of the entries in the feed also include geographic coordinates, and thus Google Maps is capable of rendering it in map form.

I will follow this post up with another about the feed's interaction with the XForms backend in Numishare, and how this will contribute to name authority.

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  1. As an addendum, the feed is generated dynamically by a rather simple PHP script which queries Solr based on URL parameters and interprets the results and spits them out as Atom. The code repository is here: https://github.com/ewg118/Nomisma-Solr


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