Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Kittredge Collection Gets a Facelift

The Kittredge Collection relaunched Sunday evening.  The Kittredge Numismatic Foundation was an early sponsor of Numishare directly after it had been released to the community as an open-source project and a proponent of many of its early features, including the XForms-based backend.  The data has been migrated to NUDS from Encoded Archival Description (for coins) and disseminated with the latest version of Numishare.  The data is still a work in progress; mints point to URIs, while materials and object types point to URIs, but much work is left to be done to point other numismatic concepts to unique identifiers.

The Kittredge Collection contains all of the latest mapping and linked open data features detailed in this blog, as well some new additions--particularly the expandable date facet on the browse page that allows the user to select coins by century and decade (example:  This feature was ported over from EADitor.

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