Wednesday, May 13, 2015

SPARQL Examples for the DCMI/ASIS&T Webinar

I have create a number of gits for the SPARQL examples I plan to go over in my DCMI/ASIS&T webinar.

The slideshow is available on Slideshare:

It is available for download in ODP and PPTX.

  1. Query labels for nm:rome
  2. Get information about nm:rome
  3. Get information about nm:rome with semicolons 
  4. Get labels, order alphabetally 
  5. Filter by English label 
  6. Get a list of mints 
  7. Visualizing Greek coin production 
  8. Get a list of objects with the RRC 273/1 type 
  9. Get weight and diameter (required) for objects of RRC 273/1 
  10. Get optional weight, diameter, and depiction of RRC 273/1 coins 
  11. Get average weight of RRC 273/1 coins 
  12. Get a list of all silver types in RRC 
  13. A list of Roman Republican silver coins (limited to 100) 
  14. UNION list of gold and silver coins (limited to 100) 
  15. Get a count of all silver coins associated with RRC types 
  16. Display mints that issued silver Republican coinage, with count of types, grouped and order by mint name. 
  17. Get all findspots for all hoards or coins associated with silver imperial types 
  18. Get distinct findspots for silver imperial coinage 
  19. Get findspots for denarii minted from 100 to 50 B.C. 
  20. SPARQL filter: geographic distribution of Jupiter coins minter after A.D. 1 
  21. Spatial SPARQL: hoards found within 50 km of Athens 

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