Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Antike Fundmünzen in Europa (AFE) in OCRE

More than 800 coins from Antike Fundmünzen in Europa (AFE), a Römisch-Germanische Kommission (RGK) (a Nomisma partner), have been ingested into the Nomisma triplestore. Of these, only a few dozen are directly linked to URIs in OCRE, but the remaining coins are still available for query by means of directly affiliated triples (such as this SPARQL query below, which gathers a UNION of coins with Vespasian explicitly designated as authority and those that are implied by means of a linked coin type).

SELECT ?object ?type ?weight ?diameter WHERE {
  { ?object nmo:hasAuthority nm:vespasian ; a nmo:NumismaticObject }
  UNION { ?type nmo:hasAuthority nm:vespasian ; a nmo:TypeSeriesItem .
         ?object nmo:hasTypeSeriesItem ?type }
  OPTIONAL {?object nmo:hasWeight ?weight}
  OPTIONAL {?object nmo:hasDiameter ?diameter}

These are the first archaeological materials ingested in Nomisma, each with findspots.

See http://numismatics.org/ocre/id/ric.2_1(2).ves.520, for example, of a Vespasianic coin type with a findspot and measurements from the AFE database.

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