Friday, November 13, 2015

Aurelian, Tacitus, and Florian Added to OCRE

Three new emperors from RIC V have been added into Online Coins of the Roman Empire: Aurelian, Tacitus, and Florian. This accounts for about 800 new coin types. Additionally, both the Berlin and British Museum collections have been reprocessed to link to these newly-minted URIs. A handful of coins from Berlin have been added, and about 200 coins from the British Museum have been made available. This is the first time the BM coins have been added since the introduction of emperors from RIC V, so the range is from Valerian to Florian.

While the BM has a tremendous number of Crisis of the Third Century coins, not all of their radiates consistently reference RIC numbers, since RIC is pretty out of date with respect to coinage from this period.

We expect to publish a major update to the ANS collection soon. Thousands of coins have recently been photographed, and these images should make their way onto Mantis as early as next week.

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