Monday, June 20, 2016

Archaeological Museum of Münster University joins Nomisma

Thanks to the outreach conducted by the Berlin Münzkabinett and the reuse of their curatorial database platform, the  Archaeological Museum of Münster University has been integrated into the consortium. There are a little over 40 coins that link to URIs for types published by CRRO, OCRE, and PELLA available so far. Those of you who use the Berlin database will recognize the similarity in the interface. Additionally, like the Berlin collection, the Münster database uses the same export mechanisms. I have updated my PHP scripts for processing Berlin's LIDO exports to make them more generalizable for the entire database framework so that I don't have to maintain multiple scripts for processing minutely different LIDO exports into Nomisma-compliant RDF. The script is available at

You can see an example of one of their coins at RRC 473/1, along with coins from the ANS, Berlin, Portable Antiquities Scheme, and the British Museum.

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