Thursday, October 27, 2016

800 Alexanders from the Ashmolean added to PELLA

The Heberden Coin Room of the Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford is the newest member of the Nomisma consortium of data contributors. Thanks to the cataloguing of Simon Glenn, we were able to create a concordance between 800 coins of Alexander the Great and URIs published in PELLA. I received a CSV dump of these coins yesterday, and wrote a simple PHP script to convert Price numbers into PELLA URIs and generate Nomisma-compliant RDF, which was just published into Nomisma's SPARQL endpoint.

A number of these coins from the Ashmolean were linked to IGCH URIs on, and so findspots are available in both PELLA directly and also in the maps of associated numismatic concept pages. For example, Price 4 now shows a point for IGCH 1670, a hoard found in Egypt. Likewise, the Nomisma ID for tetradrachm (the denomination of Price 4) also shows this findspot in the geographic distribution of mints and finds for that denomination.

Many thanks to those involved at the Ashmolean Museum for their contribution in furthering the study of Greek numismatics.

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