Friday, April 20, 2018

New updates from KENOM, Münzkabinett Berlin

Two new collection URIs have been minted in for the KENOM project, and the OAI-PMH feed from KENOM has been re-harvested. Now there are more than 7,500 coins (and medals) contributed from that project, including 1 medal from Munich and 4 from Moritzburg for Art of Devastation, a corpus of World War I medals. These medals represent the first partner contributions to AoD, which to this point has consisted only of the American Numismatic Society's own collection.

The updates include 3 coins from Munich for Seleucid Coins Online.

Furthermore, a new update has been run on Berlin's contribution to Online Coins of the Roman Empire, which now includes some coins of the Gallic Empire. With these most recent updates from Berlin and KENOM, there are now 114,136 coins in OCRE.

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