Tuesday, December 15, 2020

First Celtic numismatics Nomisma concepts have been minted

The first of many Celtic numismatic concepts yet to come have been added in Nomisma.org, as part of the Ancient British Coinage (ABC) and Celtic Coins Index projects that are being published by the Institute of Archaeology at the University of Oxford and overseen by Courtney Nimura. These include regions, rulers, and political entities pertinent to Celtic coinage in Britain. Celtic concepts from continental Europe will be published as part of a separate project. The ABC typology will go online by the end of this year or early 2021, with photographic coverage of all Celtic types. The Celtic Coins Index will be published online as an interlinked specimen catalog in 2021, and other numismatic collections (such as the American Numismatic Society) will contribute relevant material as they begin cataloging in new ABC URIs. The ABC type corpus will be published in the Numishare platform and function much like existing projects, like Online Coins of the Roman Empire and Hellenistic Royal Coinages.

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