Friday, March 24, 2017

Münzkabinett Vienna joins Nomisma consortium

The Münzkabinett of Vienna is the newest member of the Nomisma consortium, providing data for about 1,500 ancient coins to OCRE, CRRO, and PELLA. Nearly 1,300 of these are Roman Imperial coins, 150 are Roman Republican, and about 100 Alexanders. Vienna is in the early stages of digitization, but it is one of the most significant collections of coins in the world.

The Münzkabinett of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien (Vienna in Austria) owns over half a million objects which make it one of the largest collections of its kind, and it can be traced back until the 16th century. It holds coins, medals and banknotes, but also coin dies, bonds and primitive money. Not only does the collection house unique rarities and priceless treasures, its abundance and completeness make it an essential tool for fundamental research in Numismatics and History.

The timing for Vienna's introduction into the numismatic linked open data cloud could not be more perfect. The Oxford-Paris Alexander project is convening in Oxford April 3-4, and so Vienna's entry into PELLA is a demonstration of the growing network of Greek coinage.

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