Friday, February 17, 2017

Updates and NUDS XSD Schema

At long last, I have made significant updates to the Numismatic Description Schema (NUDS) XSD file, which has been hosted on Github for quite some time. From the documentation:

The Numismatic Description Schema is a codified XML schema based on numismatic database fields proposed by Sebastian Heath and Andrew Meadows. These fields, called the Numismatic Description Standard, are detailed at, and were originally published on The NUDS XML schema is based on this field list and Ethan Gruber's preliminary work mapping coins to Encoded Archival Description, which was detailed in a 2009 Computer Applications in Archaeology paper, "Encoded Archival Description for Numismatic Collections". It is also influenced by the structure of TEI and EAC-CPF, common standards in the Digital Humanities, library, and archival domains. Ideally, a NUDS record should implement XLink attributes to integrate URIs from external Linked Open Data vocabulary systems, such as concepts defined on itself.

The updates have been undertaken to make NUDS more flexible for the encoding of seals for a project overseen by Charlotte Roueche at King's College London. These improvements include documenting every element and attribute in the schema, and enabling the namespacing of EpiDoc TEI into the nuds:description for enhanced prose markup and the nuds:legend for more sophisticated annotation of inscriptions. The Numishare codebase will be extended to include EpiDoc XSLT templates for rendering TEI in the applicable NUDS elements.

Since its inception in summer 2011, the NUDS XML namespace has pointed to, which was never a dereferenceable page. It is now--it is the XSD schema transformed through XSLT into an HTML tag library with usage examples (I am still working on adding these examples).

The XSD is available directly at, which can be considered a stable URL, and may be used for validation of XML files.

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