Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Harvard Art Museums coins reprocessed, added as IIIF contributors

Harvard Art Museums is one of three contributors of coins to, providing data and images for all three of our major coin type projects: OCRE, CRRO, and Pella. They are also one of our few partners providing images according to IIIF image API specifications. Following the application of the Europeana Data Model specs for IIIF integration for Rutgers' entry into, I have updated my script for harvesting numismatic content from Harvard to include IIIF manifest metadata.

Accordingly, I made some minor code changes in Numishare to handle IIIF manifests for combined images (obverse and reverse in the same image file). You can see an example of a Philip III coin from Harvard here.

The Harvard Art Museums' coins in Pella will be the perfect test cases for applying Open Annotation + IIIF for annotating symbols and monograms defined by URIs in the Online Greek Corpus project.

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