Monday, February 13, 2017

OCRE surpasses 100,000 physical specimens, including Polish coin finds, and more

We have several additional news events to report:

  1. We have finally published the Roman coins from the American Numismatic Society with references to RIC 9 to Online Coins of the Roman Empire. This has brought us to a milestone 100,000 physical specimens linked to about 42,000 imperial types spanning five centuries from Augustus to Zeno.
  2. We have reprocessed our data from RIC 4 in order to represent the type-subtype hierarchy within that volume more accurately. Some data errors have been fixed due PHP processing glitches or typos in deity names.
  3. More than 7,200 coins in the Finds of Roman Coins in Poland project (part of the European Coin Find Network umbrella) have been ingested into for query and visualization. Of these coins, 23 are linked to URIs defined by OCRE.
  4. I discovered a glitch in my script for mapping references to Price (1991) to IDs in Pella, and now about 500 coins in the ANS of Philip III and Lysimachus have been added into Pella.
  5. Berlin has added an export for Macedonian coins found in the excavations of Priene, and two have been added into Pella.

OCRE has eclipsed 100,000 coins, but our total between this, CRRO, Pella, and AoD stands at about 153,000.

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